An Overwhelming Majority Of Marylanders Support Plans To Relieve Congestion On I-270 And The Capital Beltway

Washington Post-Schar School Poll Stated That 61% Of Washington-Area Residents Support Adding Express Toll Lanes To I-270 And Maryland’s Part Of The Capital Beltway.

GBAO Poll Stated That 57% Of Residents In The I-270 Corridor Support The Addition Of Toll Lanes To The American Legion Bridge And I-270.

  • GBAO Poll Stated That 69% Of Adults In Montgomery County Think That Traffic On I-270 And The Beltway Are Either “Very Or Somewhat Serious” Problems For Them Personally

Editorial Boards Across The Region Agree: This Is A "Serious Plan"To Ease One Of The “Worst Traffic Chokepoints”

The Washington Post Editorial Board: “Virginia And Maryland Have Taken A Big Step Towards Easing One Of The Eastern Seaboard’s Worst Traffic Chokepoints”

  • “The American Legion Bridge over the Potomac, one of the Eastern seaboard’s worst traffic chokepoints, is set to get drastically worse as the region’s population grows. Better late than never, the governors of Virginia and Maryland have devised a blueprint for a new bridge, with expanded capacity in the form of optional toll lanes, that would shift the $1 billion cost to a private contractor.”
  • “It’s a serious plan…”


The Washington Post Editorial Board: “Maryland needs expanded roads. Hogan’s plan is the best way forward.”

  • “It makes sense for Marylanders to support this undertaking — with eyes wide-open.”
  • “Maryland’s portion of the Beltway and I-270 must be improved; the bridge must be rebuilt. And Mr. Hogan’s plan is the best feasible option for doing so.”


The Washington Post Editorial Board: “The opposition to Mr. Hogan’s plan is led by elitists who think people who must drive to work — in construction, health care, laboratories and countless other job sites ill-served by transit — should suffer in ever-worsening traffic.”

Maryland Reporter: “Board Of Public Works Advances Hogan’s Traffic Congestion Relief Plan

  • “Traffic congestion relief is on the way for Marylanders who live in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan region following a Wednesday afternoon vote by the Board of Public Works to move forward with a $54 million contract to begin pre-development work on an ambitious Capital Beltway expansion plan.”

Officials From Both Sides Of The Aisle, Transportation Experts Support This Monumental Solution To Provide Traffic Relief

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan: “This Traffic Relief Plan is a win for families, commuters, and small businesses. It will finally begin to solve the soul crushing, worst-in-the-nation traffic that people have failed to address for 50 years. This project has the support of the overwhelming majority of Marylanders, and was recently advanced by the regional Transportation Planning Board.”

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam: “A new bridge means commuters will get to work and back home faster. Our teams have identified a way to fix one of the worst traffic hot spots in the country. This demonstrates what can get done when leaders come together to find shared solutions to tough regional problems. This is about helping people see their families more, grow their businesses, and further unlock the region’s vast economic potential.”

Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot: “After months of conversations with stakeholders from both sides of this project and hearing from tens of thousands of Marylanders, today I voted to advance this project to the planning and design phase so that we may continue to explore the viability of this proposal to deliver traffic congestion relief in the National Capital Region… As a Montgomery County resident of more than 40 years, I know firsthand how the traffic congestion in the D.C. Metro area impacts the quality of life of our residents. We may not all agree on the solutions, but we all agree this is a significant problem that must be addressed.”

Former Montgomery County Executive, Ike Leggett: “The future of Montgomery County and the region depends on it.”

Maryland Department Of Transportation Secretary Greg Slater: “The new American Legion Bridge I-270 Traffic Relief Project will address aging infrastructure, provide connectivity to deliver seamless travel and unlock economic potential for the entire National Capital Region. The planned public-private partnership would address $1.2 billion of the $4 billion highway repair backlog, deliver a new American Legion Bridge and high-occupancy lanes that would ensure reliable travel time and provide new transportation choices for walkers, bikers, motorcyclists, carpoolers, drivers and transit riders.”

Virginia Secretary Of Transportation Shannon Valentine: “This is once-in-a-generation project that will improve accessibility throughout the region.”

Businesses, Labor Organizations And Community Organizations Support This “Forward-Thinking” Plan Calling It A “Win-Win” For The State And Commuters

Sixty Regional Businesses, Community Organizations, Labor Organizations, And Educational Institutions Indicated Strong Support For The Traffic Relief Plan.

  • “…We support this forward-thinking, regionally significant project because it will substantially reduce congestion and delays for both free and toll lane users, improve regional transit service, increase carpooling, add new bike and pedestrian connections, strengthen our economy, and create thousands of good-paying jobs.”


Dennis Martire, Vice President And Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager Of LIUNA: “Maryland officials recently took a major step toward replacing the nearly 60-year-old bridge and upgrading highway lanes north of the structure by contracting for project planning and design. But even more, they have taken a stand to make sure such transportation projects do not only provide traffic relief, but also economic relief in the form of family-sustaining jobs for the state’s working people.”

  • “The project is a step toward a new vision for rebuilding our communities and state in a way that prioritizes working men and women. It will not only be a sorely needed, traffic-busting modern bridge and roadway – it will also be a path to strengthen the middle class.”


Michael Sakata, CEO, Maryland Transportations Builders & Materials Association: “Less Congestion, New Bridge, New Jobs. It’s an ‘Everybody Wins’ Scenario”

  •   “Phase 1, replacement and expansion of the American Legion Bridge from I-270 to I-70, will vastly improve the infrastructure for Maryland drivers, provide 7,500 high-paying, high-quality jobs; cut down on emissions and pollution; and significantly decrease travel times.”
  • “The state of Maryland and its residents will safely enjoy less congestion, a new bridge and new jobs – a win-win for the state, its residents and area commuters.”