• New American Legion Bridge + bike and pedestrian connection across the bridge, connecting trails in Maryland and Virginia
  • Buses and vehicles with three or more people would be able to use the lanes free of charge, providing opportunities for faster, more-reliable bus transit service
  • Existing general-purpose lanes throughout the corridor will be retained and will remain free for use by all motorists
  • $5 million during construction for bicycle and pedestrian safety improvements supporting Vision Zero in Montgomery County
  • $300 million to provide transit services along the corridor over the life of the 50-year agreement *
  • $25 million Innovation Alliance that will identify, pilot and implement new and emerging technologies in partnership with Maryland *
  • Doubling the water quality protection enhancements for the Project, specifically providing water quality mitigation for an estimated additional 160 acres of impervious surface
  • Local community partnerships with small, disadvantaged, women and veteran-owned businesses, union and local contractor involvement and engagement with local community organizations and educational institutions

* Over the life of the 50-year agreement.